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Space and global sustainability

by Space Recycling

Outer space is now becoming a part of our living environment.

We interpret the outer space as global environment and make it eco-friendly. 



Satellite Parts Supply

  • Space Proven Parts for Cubesats

  • Assembled Cubesats​

Satellite Development Consulting

  • Consulting service for those who have no satellite development experience

  • Support for creating various application documents required for satellite launch




CEO, Chubu Nihon Plastics Co. Ltd.​

Since joining the company, she has been engaged in plastic recycling, and has grown the company's sales tenfold.

At present, she is working to realize recycling not only on Earth but also in space to protect the global environment.

Masahiro NOHMI

Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University

Leads the “STARS project” and conducts research on space elevators and space debris removal. Has five satellite launches.

Although there are many satellites intended for communication, there are few examples of robot satellites that move in outer space. SSS aims to establish tethered robot satellite technology and Space-Recycling using that technology.



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